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DIY Project – CNC tool Touch-off Probe

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If you are looking for a nice project for your CNC, that is very useful and WILL change your workflow, make yourself a touch-off probe. No shipping or import charges… this is used to for setting tool length or zeroing your Z height above the work piece. Works perfect with Linux CNC, Mach 3, and GRBL. I have used this probe design for years, the one in the video and have had no issues.

I have included the following files in the download:

  • The Fusion 360 file, of the probe and all its details, as well as the machining (CAM) part that I have used. You might need to change the CAM to suite your workflow/Machine.
  • All the files to have the PCB manufactured @ a PCB Supplier. (Gerber files)
  • The link to the switches I have used – Contacts are good for 500000 settings

What you will need:

  • You will need a CNC machine to create the base and the top plate. I am sure you could maybe 3D print this, but the stability might be affected.
  • I used a lathe to create the touch plate/surface that is made from brass
  • Drill press and drills
  • M3 Thread TAP

Enjoy – and I am sure you will!


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